"In school, we teach kids to try out, to work to make the cut, to suck it up and give up when they don’t. We forget to teach them that the better approach (the adult, real world approach) is to just start your own team."
Children around the world and their most prized possessions.
"Regardless of where he was in the world, Galimberti’s method of gaining the kids’ trust was the same. ‘I simply played with them,’ he said."

TWO FISHERMEN (People) - The shoal is one of the most fascinating places in Xiapu, China. Fishermen farm fish, shrimp, and oysters and plant seaweed along this coastal area. (Photo and caption by Peng Jiang/National Geographic Photo Contest) #
Leather strap hangar by Swedish designer Mathilda Clahr
Can the success of a product be measured by the size of its end-user manual?
Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender. Party.
"Now it’s kind of popular to have that industrial look, but I really am interested in going for warmer and more innovative designs. I’ve been playing with LED lights and lighting and we’re doing a lot of collaborations in lighting this year. I love designing lights for offices because I think that that market is wide open, and being able to design interesting-looking fluorescents is a really fun task for me. I get inspired by places that I connect with well: museums and restaurants. And those are usually the elements that I put into projects that have a good impact."
"Let go of your need for perfection, just seek to be present in everything you do"
"She loved three things — a joke, a glass of wine, and a handsome man."
- W. Somerset Maugham, The Moon And Sixpence  (via thesigother)
Cigar, bass.